Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating and air sealing your home properly, Shoreline Spray Foam in New Haven, Connecticut, is a qualified spray foam insulation contractor.

Poorly insulated buildings that do not have proper air sealing can lose a great deal of their efficiency, and that costs you more money.

Homebuilders choose our foam spray insulation as it offers a high R-value per inch that provides outstanding thermal performance.

Contact our insulation contractor company in New Haven, Connecticut, to get an estimate on the energy-efficient spray foam insulation we offer.

Spray foam insulation outperforms standard insulating application with benefits that include:

  • Minimizes Hot & Cold Spots
  • Adds Structural Integrity to Walls
  • Provides a Secondary Moisture Vapor Barrier in Wall Cavities
  • Excellent Resale Value
  • Superior Comfort & Indoor Air Quality
  • Used in ENERGY STAR™ Homes
  • Provides Excellent Sound Control

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Insulation Technology
Energy Savings

The building science experts at Shoreline Spray Foam in New Haven, Connecticut, understand insulation technology. They know how spray foam insulation works with a building's mechanical systems as well as its occupants. NASA used spray foam insulation on the external tanks of their space shuttles. Those tanks experienced extremely high and low temperatures, so imagine what our spray foam can do to insulate your home.

A Greener Alternative
Improperly insulated and sealed homes deliver 4,500 pounds of excess greenhouse gases into the air each year and waste 20% or more of the energy used to heat and cool them. Our insulation contractor services can help you in specifying the right insulation system for your local climate with our greener alternative.

Insulating the Attic Envelope
In a standard insulation system, ceiling insulation reduces the transfer of heat from the attic to the living space in the summer. Our spray foam insulation can greatly reduce this costly conduction, convection, and radiant heat transfer process.

Taking the heat off of you and your high utility bills, Shoreline Spray Foam in New Haven, Connecticut, can provide your home with our energy-saving spray foam insulation. Attic temperatures can often approach 140F during the day, and most of this heat enters the attic space through your roof's shingles and sheathing.

Those roofing materials transfer heat into your attic and also provide the opportunity for moisture to build from condensation on the air-conditioning and vent ductwork. That heat also makes your cooling system work harder.

Reduce Energy Costs
By applying spray foam insulation directly to the underside of the roof deck, your attic is insulated from the extreme heat. You benefit with reduced energy costs in several ways such as:

  • Energy Loss from Ducts in the Attic Is Essentially Eliminated
  • The Top of the Building Is Much Tighter Resulting in Less Moisture in the Attic
  • Infiltration through the Ceiling Is Reduced
  • Duct Leakage & Heat Loss & Gain from Ducts Is Reduced
  • Dust & Loose Insulation Are Less Likely to Migrate down to the Living Space

Crawlspace Remediation
Most homes with crawlspaces are not properly insulated for moisture control, and this can pose health concerns for the occupants, especially children. Poorly insulated crawlspaces can allow deadly and odorless gases to seep into your home, becoming a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and mold and causing damage to your home’s foundation and the floor system.

Shoreline Spray Foam can mitigate those problems by applying our spray foam insulation in your crawlspace. The application under your home adds to the total benefit of having your attic and walls insulated with your spray foam in creating a more complete, thermally efficient, and airtight home.